Don’t Just Play Your Sport, Think Your Sport!... Faster!

Sports Specific, Position-Specific, and Cognitive Training.

The Factory

Elite Athletic Training Facility in North Carolina

The Factory combines innovative training techniques and technology to create healthy and responsible athletic leaders in the community.

Based out of Greensboro, North Carolina, we are an elite athletic training facility offering a comprehensive suite of training programs for young athletes from middle school through college. We also have a mobile unit, and we’ll bring the work out to you.

What We Offer

We offer elite-level training in speed, agility, and explosiveness. We also provide cognitive training, so athletes don’t just play their sport, they think their sport faster. This sums up our cognitive training regimen that focuses on helping athletes take care of themselves, think beyond sport, and understand their social responsibilities. All our athletes are encouraged to participate in our anti-bullying programs, which will meet the volunteer hours required by most school districts for graduation.

Simply put, the combination of our speed, agility and cognitive training principles makes your athlete smarter, stronger, faster and helps take their game to the next level.

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What Sets Us Apart

We have an exclusive agreement with Senaptec that makes us the only sports training facility in North Carolina that can offer this level of cognitive training. We deploy a strategic, detail-oriented training process to bring the best out of athletes and lay the foundation for a successful career. Our professional trainers combine years of experience in athletic training and guarantee amazing results. We don’t just train you for your sport, we train you for life!