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Bringing Over 60 Years of Athletic Training Experience

We bring over six decades of bonafide experience in athletic training and culture. We strive relentlessly to create well-rounded, socially-responsible athletes.

We focus on all-around development to build the athlete as a whole person, shaping them into exceptional leaders not only in athletics but in every other sphere of life. Please get in touch to learn more about The Factory.

Anti-Bullying Practices

One of our founders is a mental health professional who developed programs under his non-profit in North Carolina to help reduce bullying of the special needs population. We encourage all our athletes to take our anti-bullying curriculum and provide opportunities to volunteer at special needs events.

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Cognitive Training

We have exclusive rights to Senaptec Technology for the entire state of North Carolina, which makes The Factory the only place you can go to get this level of cognitive training.  This technology used by professional athletes such as Jarvis Landry, Steph Curry, Odell Beckham Jr. , and many others allows us to complete a comprehensive assessment in 10 different visual and sensorimotor areas of cognitive function.

This unique combination of Sports Specific Cognitive Training with elite athletic performance conditioning enhances both body and mind.